“Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs that we hate so we can buy shit we don’t need.” Brandalism challenges the false ideologies sold by ordinary and common products in our everyday lives.

BA Design, Goldsmiths ‧ London


      || Gaffer tape & Cardboard workshop || Part 1

      We were asked to produce a three-dimensional artefact of an object that relates to our project. I chose to do a water bottle as water bottles are one of the main disposable products that end up polluting our coasts and affecting the environment of many animals at sea. Also, I was also interested in this as I would make it from up-cycled materials and hoped to make it resistant to water.

      After spending over 6 hours on the screw-on, water-tight lid I was starting to realise that this task was a bit too ambitious for a 24-hour project. After working non-stop for 12 hours, I finally finished the bottle and was eager to test it out. However, as expected, the gaffer-tape did not hold the pressure of the water and it leaked into the cardboard making it soft and soggy.

      I guess we learn from our mistakes.

      — 5 months ago

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